-We Have What It Takes To Make A Champion-
Quality Feeds, Inc. has fueled many of the nation’s highest purse-winning horses for over two decades. Let us show you how our innovative formulas help leading trainers and breeders get the most from their equine athletes.

Quality Feeds produces premium horse feed, period.
Everything we do is focused solely on providing the best quality product for every stage and activity level of your horse.

-Scientific Development-
Our proprietary blends are specifically formulated by expert equine nutritionists, physiologists and veterinarians. By applying leading edge research and state-of-the-art technology, Quality Feeds demonstrates our wholehearted commitment to leading the industry in advanced equine nutrition.

-Consistant Quality-
Quality Feeds selects only the best natural ingredients for its formulas. We do not less-cost our formulas with the fluctuation of market prices. You have our pledge that the feed you buy today will measure up to the same high standards years from now.

-Balance & Efficiency-
Our proprietary formulas are scientifically designed to metabolize fats, proteins, starches and fiber in a specific sequence to maximize your horse’s digestive efficiency and provide a steady source of energy. We derive our fat source from a blend of corn and soy oils that are perfectly Omega 3 / Omega 6 balanced. In conjunction with our added vitamins, minerals and special probiotic concentrates, Quality Feeds have everything your horse needs for optimal digestive functioning.

Quality Feeds are perfectly balanced, providing complete nutrition for your horse's particular needs as a stand-alone ration. We recommend that our feeds are offered only with plenty of fresh water and a good clean hay source. No additional supplements are necessary.(Unless otherwise directed by a licensed veterinarian.)

Fatigue is the result of an accumulation of lactic acid in the bloodstream during activity. Quality Feeds are designed to delay fatigue by providing a steady source of energy for your horse. This synchronized metabolic flow of energy minimizes lactic acid buildup in the bloodstream, allowing your horse to start and finish strong.

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